Training with Machine Purchase


Product Training

Since Covid-19 restrictions manufacturers and suppliers have invested heavily in technology to enable virtual learning using a combination of live Zoom and recorded videos. We are using our supplier resource to provide product training for many of our products, please inquire for the specific product you would like to purchase.


Benefit to you

With our wealth of experience in sewing courses, service and repair we have developed the skills to support our customers by resolving most problems simply over the phone, if not we are keen to have the machine back to investigate the problem and identify the cause so we can get you back sewing as quickly as we can.

After Sales Support

With Stitch Again you don't just buy a machine and 'that's it'. Many online retailers don’t offer training and support with their machine sales, but we believe it is paramount to our customers getting the most out of their new machine. Too many times we have heard of customers purchasing machines at 'great prices' but all too often this means they have compromised on support. We don't think this should be the case. Too many sewers send back machines because of faults that could have been resolved had they simply been given the support in the first place. Our telephone support and warranty means this doesn't have to be the case.

Free Virtual Training at Bernina Training School in London!

If you purchase one of our Bernina machines* then you can register for free on line training from Benina London. This consists of a combination of live Zoom and video along with the Bernina educator to ensure you get to know all about your machine.

(*excludes certain models)