Training with Machine Purchase

Please note that due to Covid-19 all training has been suspended. We are providing great telephone support and making use of ongoing training videos being produced professionally by our manufacturing suppliers.

Buying a machine from Stitch Again couldn’t be easier.
We offer free training in our studio in Horndean, Hampshire with all but our basic machine purchases! Each machine will clearly state whether or not it comes with training, but if you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us.


Benefit to you

What is our free training? Well, it is an in depth training session on the machine you have purchased. You will be taken through all of the exciting features on your new machine, at your own pace, often with a cup of tea. We have a background in teaching with our links to Joy to Create sewing school which means you can rest assure our training is just that; training! You won’t find any quick demos here!

After Sales Support

With Stitch Again you don't just buy a machine and 'that's it'. Many online retailers don’t offer training and support with their machine sales, but we believe it is paramount to our customers getting the most out of their new machine. Too many times we have heard of customers purchasing machines at 'great prices' but all too often this means they have compromised on support. We don't think this should be the case. Too many sewers send back machines because of faults that could have been resolved had they simply been given the support in the first place. Our training and warranty support means this doesn't have to be the case.

Free Training at Bernina Training School in London!

If you purchase one of our Bernina machines* then you can alternatively choose to have your training at the Bernina training school! You could get yourself off to London where you would receive a whole days Bernina training on your new machine!

(*excludes models 1008, 215 and 330)