Baby Lock Enlighten - BLE 3ATW-2 Overlock

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Comes with the unique, NEW ExtraordinAir threading system and automatic thread delivery system (ATD).

The wave stitch is one of the Enlighten's special features and adds another dimension to your decorative abilities and this is unique to Baby Lock.

Threading overlockers has always been seen as one of the more difficult things to do by many users, but with Babylock it could not be easier. When threading the machine you begin by feeding the thread through special spring clips, specially designed to eliminate twisted and tangled thread as it leaves the spool. The NEW and ingenious, fully automated ExtraordinAir threading system makes threading the loopers really easy! Just insert the thread into the desired looper port, push the button and hey presto, the thread appears out of the looper and threading is complete. You can thread both loopers at once if you prefer and in any order. There is even an easy to use needle threader, no more trying to thread the needles by eye!

Thanks to the Enlighten's Automatic Thread Delivery (ATD) system and the stitch selector, you no longer have to worry about thread tension adjustment. Perfectly balanced stitches with threads of different qualities are achievable on a wide range of materials from fine through to heavy fabrics.

Baby Lock’s design incorporates an extremely small gap between the cutter and needle enabling the Enlighten to produce the perfect curved seam. Visibility in the sewing area is also greatly improved with the Enlighten’s LED lighting.

Unique Loopers
Unique Loopers

The baby lock enlighten features a unique, compact tubular looper system that guarantees fuss-free, quick threading. Extra-strong loopers in a quality similar to that used in industry make your babylock enlighten fit for more difficult tasks.

Auxiliary Looper / Converter
Auxiliary Looper / Converter

The Enlighten's auxiliary looper / converter can be easily activated for a two-thread stitch and as it’s attached to the upper looper it is unlikely to be misplaced.


extrodinair threading system

ExtraordinAir Threading System

The ExtraordinAir system uses a small pump to blow the thread through all loopers instantly. Threading has never been this easy and super quick.

thread tension
Never worry about thread tension again!

Thanks to the automatic thread delivery system of Baby Lock Enlighten you can simply choose a stitch, set the thread delivery system correspondingly and start sewing. No more tiresome tension adjustment every time you use another fabric, stitch or thread thickness. Simply set the automatic thread delivery system to the desired stitch. Your Baby Lock Enlighten will produce exact and balanced stitches. There are three sensors: stitch width sensor, stitch length sensor and fabric thickness sensor that help you produce perfectly balanced stitches – with no fuss!

Adjustment possibilities

The Baby Lock Enlighten lets you adjust the stitch width quickly and easily. Since both the cutter and the chaining finger move together, it really is the stitch width that changes and not just the cutting width, as with other conventional machines. This prevents overcutting and undercutting. You can deactivate the cutter quickly and easily with a switch if you want to sew closed or tube-like pieces of clothing. The same switch reactivates the cutter whenever you need it. The cutter is not fully retracted and you can use it as a guide. One dial lets you modify the stitch length and change over the Enlighten to the rolled hem option. Simply read the setting value on the dial's scale.

Setting the wave stitch

The Baby Lock Enlighten can produce all of the conventional overlock stitches but in addition this overlocker can also produce the unique Baby Lock Wave Stitch. You can choose from four different wave stitch variants to enhance your sewing project. When combined with different sewing threads such as the Baby Lock stretchy nylon then the Enlighten's Wave Stitch gives a stunning visual effect.

Differential feed

Stretch fabrics often cause problems such as puckering or distorted seams that can be frustrating. Thanks to its differential feed mechanism with a range of 0.2 - 2.0:1, the enlighten guarantees an optimum feed of stretch fabrics and thus prevents puckering or protruding seams. You can also use the Enlighten's differential feed to produce deliberate gathering or stretching effects.

Handy built-in accessory compartment

No more tiresome searching for the correct enlighten accessory. The handy accessory compartment located under the thread spool holder on the right side of the machine contains all important tools. The accessories it can hold include:

  • Tweezers
  • Needles
  • Spare needle screws
  • Spare cutters
  • Screwdriver for needle screws
  • Soft brush with guide to insert the needles

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