Official dealers for Bernina

The Benefit To Our Customers

We have a growing customer base and as their skills develop we want to be able to offer a complete range of equipment from beginner to advanced. We are finding that not everyone wants to buy one brand of machine, they tend to already have their favourites and among these favourites is Bernina. 

Many people are loyal to a brand and may well have used Bernina at school or college. With their reputation for creating the highest quality machines, they are often regarded as the ultimate machine by users around the world. They have always designed their products in Switzerland, which we all know is a country renowned for its quality and reliability within engineering. Their reputation as a leading brand spans back as far as 1893 when they first began as a family business and hasn't faltered since, they are now in their fourth generation! Their strong family values are reflected in their designs, ensuring their machines are made for the use of not just one, but two or three generations!

Why Buy a Bernina From Stitch Again?

When customers buy from us we offer a free dedicated product training course to accompany the machine (excludes the most basic) which has proven to be a real benefit to customers by increasing confidence and eliminating many of the problems encountered when customers are left to work it out for themselves. Since the Covid19 restrictions training has been restricted to phone support and Bernina have invested heavily in virtual technology, where available by a combination of video and/or live Zoom.

We are proud to support Bernina's 7 year parts and labour warranty and carry out service and repairs in our own facility, equipped with all the special Bernina tools and operated by a Bernina trained and qualified engineer.  

What's Good About Bernina?

Bernina International AG has been one of the world's leading sewing and embroidery machine manufacturers for more than 120 years.

The Swiss family-owned company's products are synonymous with innovation and precision. Above all, they are known for their durability. Bernina sewing machines are used worldwide by people with a passion for sewing. Bernina's passion is the development of products that allow users to put creative ideas into practice. Bernina are the only sewing machine manufacturer still producing in the western world and are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified, holding a number of certificates for their factories.

Free One Day Training in London!

Bernina are a manufacturer committed to giving their dealers a high level of advice and technical training, to fully support their products. They offer training at their education centre in London, to purchasers of all but the basic machines.