Official dealers for PFAFF®

The Benefit to Our Customers

A close watch on industry needs and trends has become increasingly important as sewing has evolved, from a necessity to a form of creative expression. This evolution is something PFAFF® take very seriously. It has inspired their product development to be driven by insight, not just demand. And as a result, their products embody the innovative technology and best-in-class craftsmanship required by today’s most passionate creators. Their machines are renowned for their high quality and reliability, not to mention their five year extended warranties. They offer a complete range of machines to suit all budgets, from beginner to advanced, catering for sewers of all abilities, with a huge range of accessories. They also offer a high level of dealer support which includes regular service and product training. They are constantly investing in new design and development, always one step ahead of the game. What more could we ask for?

Why Buy a PFAFF® From Stitch Again?

When customers buy from us we offer a free dedicated product training course to accompany the machine (excludes the most basic) which has proven to be a real benefit to customers by increasing confidence and eliminating many of the problems encountered when customers are left to work it out for themselves. Since the Covid19 restrictions training has been restricted to phone support and where available by a combination of video and/or live Zoom training by our suppliers. 

Our relationship with Pfaff began in 2010 so we have good experience of them and are proud to support the Pfaff 5 year extended warranty and carry out service and repairs in our own facility, equipped with all the special Pfaff tools and operated by a Pfaff trained and qualified engineer.  

That's Why We Deal With PFAFF®!

Pfaff's range of machines are great for new comers to sewing, their machines begin at entry level and continue upwards, making them very versatile and great for our needs as not only a sewing school but as a dealer. We love PFAFF®! If you have any questions and couldn't find the answers here, then please do not hesitate to contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

Free monthly projects by Pfaff can be found here