What are Pre-Owned, Ex-Demo and Ex-Display machines?

We offer a range of different options when it comes to buying a machine. As well as buying brand new from us, customers also have the option to purchase three other types of machine: Pre-Owned, Ex-Demo and Ex-Display. But what do these mean?

All of the machine types below come with a warranty that is specific to each machine, details of which you can find on the individual machine listing. Also, as with our brand new machines, all but the most basic models in the categories below come with training worth up to £120 which will also be detailed in the individual listing.


This is a machine that has come into us having had a previous owner. It will often have been traded into us as part payment for a newer machine. Individual listings will say whether the machine comes with a box and also what accessories are included. All Pre-Owned machines will have been fully serviced and electrical safety tested (PAT) and some may even have been refurbished and contain lots of new parts.


This is a machine that we have demonstrated to a customer. Each of our demo machines is well looked after and prior to being listed for sale it will have undergone a full inspection. 


This is a machine that has been unboxed and put on display but not used. It will have been purely there for people to visually examine. This will be as-new.

All of these machine types are available for customers to view and inspect prior to purchase. Please ring to express which machine it is that you are interested in and to arrange a suitable time to view or simply find out more.