What is the PFAFF® IDT System?

What most impressed us about PFAFF® is The original IDT™ system. This system is 'Integrated Dual Feeder Technology' that was designed over 45yrs ago by PFAFF®. It comprises of a finger walking foot located at the back of the machine that can be put into action or moved aside easily without the hassle of needing to fully disconnect it. What does it do? Well, if you imagine a standard machine, fabric is fed through beneath by feeder dogs. IDT integrates another feeder above, the finger feeder, that actually moves the fabric from the top as well as the bottom! If you had two layers of fabric going through the machine at the same time, IDT would ensure the fabric on the top is fed through at the same time as the fabric beneath it, giving a beautifully even result. An absolute must for seamstresses and quilters! This feature starts on the PFAFF® Select series upwards.